The following is a list of software developed by The Phillips Lab. A free download is available for each program.

  • ACMI : Automatic Crystallographic Map Interpretation

    This software, ACMI, is a suite of programs designed to automate construction of a macromolecular model from an electron density map. It is specifically developed to handle low-resolution (3-4 Angstrom resolution) and poorly phased electron density maps.

    ACMI Download location for nmerdb
    More about ACMI
    Download ACMI

  • Ensemble : Quality comparison of ensemble refined structures

    This software, ensemble, is a suite of CNS scripts which are exectuted by a bash script.

    Download Ensemble

  • CNM : The code to count chemical interactions between residues in PDB files

    This software, cnm, is a perl script with an supporting input file.

    Download CNM

  • XRayView : A Virtual X-Ray Crystallography Laboratory

    This software uses interactive computer graphics to introduce basic concepts of X-ray diffraction by crystals, including the reciprocal lattice, the Ewald sphere construction, Laue cones, the wavelength dependence of the reciprocal lattice, primitive and centered lattices and systematic extinctions, rotation photography, Laue photography, space group determination and Laue group symmetry, and the alignment of crystals by examination of reciprocal space.

    XRayView is designed with "user-friendliness" in mind, using Motif style, pull-down menus to control the program. Many of the experiences of using real X-ray diffraction equipment to examine crystalline diffraction can be simulated. Exercises are available on-line to guide the users through typical X-ray diffraction experiments.

    Using XRayView
    Download XRayView

  • XRayPlot

    XRayPlot allows plots of arbitrary planes of diffraction data given the space group symmetry, the unit cell dimensions, and a list of intensities or structure factor amplitudes with their associated hkl indices.

    Using XRayPlot
    Download XRayPlot
    Run XRayPlot within your browser
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